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Our Vision

To be one the leading energy trading and services company.

Our Mission

To constantly generate value for our clients through relationship building, great local knowledge, quick response time and going the extra mile.

Gas to power


Gas-to-Power Solutions

Altanetiva has always believed in moving forward and changing its business solutions as the times and demand change. The organization now has the capacity to move large gas and power orders to fulfill the needs of the fuel and energy industry.


Altanetiva’s Natural Gas-to-Power Solutions

When it comes to gas-to-power solutions, Altanetiva is actively involved in trading Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). We have strategically located storage units that effectively give our clients access to our gas products.

For LNG, CNG, and LPG, Altanetiva offers short and long-term contracts to clients. We also provide spot contracts to our clients. If our clients have specific needs, we will tailor the gas to power solutions according to them.

Altanetiva is always ready to go the extra mile to provide 100% customer satisfaction!

Working for more than a decade in the fuel and energy industry, we have developed long-lasting relationships with infrastructure companies, regasification, and liquefaction projects to provide the finest quality products to our clients.

When you work with us at Altanetiva, we take care of everything. Starting from natural gas offtake, shipping, transportation, regasification, and storage, we take care of it all. It has been possible because of our constant efforts to deliver high-quality services.

Moreover, Altanetiva is heavily involved in providing customized power solutions to clients with tech-driven generators and methods to optimize their sales and costs.

Finding the right balance between natural gas-to-power solutions is critical to the working of Altanetiva. And we always do our best!

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